2020 THA State Show Sponsorship and Entry Information

The 2020 THA State Show/AHA Regional Point Show and TJHA State Show will be held at the Wilson County Fairgrounds in Lebanon, TN. The Junior Show will be on Friday August 14, 2020 at 6:00 PM CST. The THA State Show/AHA Regional Point Show will be on Saturday, August 15, 2020 at 10:00 AM CST


  • Pre-Entry deadlines; postmarked or submitted by July 29, 2020 – Entry Fee $10.00.

  • Late-Entry deadline; postmarked or submitted between July 30 & August 4, 2020 – Entry Fee $20.00.

  • Entries will not be accepted if postmarked or submitted after August 4, 2020.    

  • You may submit your entries this yearvia google form, mail or email.  

Option 1 – (Preferred) Complete the google form through the following link.  Mail your entry fee to Meredith Collins (address below) the same day you submit your entries.  https://forms.gle/FAQyazpdTBvenwej7


Option 2 – Download this entry form and mail or email to Meredith Collins.  


Entry Fees and forms shall be sent to Tennessee Hereford Association, Meredith Collins, 3280 Anes Station Road, Lewisburg, TN 37091 or e-mailed to mcncollins74@gmail.com

Entry Fee shall be made payable to Tennessee Hereford Association.

Sponsors are needed for both the Open (Glenda Rickman) and Junior Shows (Cher Woolfolk).  Download the sponsorship letter for more information.

2020 Tennessee Hereford Association State Show Results

Female Show Results

Champion Cow-Calf: Hayden Spears with WALKER DANCE 2504 E107 (43904884), calved on 10/02/17, sired by UPS SENSATION 2504 ET, and calf WLKR HDS CANCE 203D E102 002 (444124085) calved 01/02/20.

Champion Junior Heifer Calf: Ethan Hopkins with HPH 101D SHEGO 001H (44142270), calved on 01/01/20, sired by UPS SENSATION 2504 ET.

Champion Fall Heifer Calf: Ethan Hopkins with HPH 316A PROMISE 114G ET (44142268), calved on 12/22/19, sired by CRR 109 ON POINT 559 ET.

Champion Intermediate Heifer: Mason Collins with JDPL T/R TIMELESS G96 ET (44098627), calved on 05/27/19, sired by BR BELLE AIR 6011.

Champion Spring Yearling Heifer: Carter St. John with DCF 02X DENISE 905G ET (P44036243), calved on 03/02/19, sired by C DOUBLE YOUR MILES 6077 ET. 

Champion Junior Yearling Heifer: Ethan Hopkins with H KELLY 9160 ET (44017043), calved on 02/21/19, sired by H DEBERARD 7454 ET.

Champion Senior Heifer: Mary Carter Shirley with BROOKWOOD TAYLOR 941 (P43990752), calved on 11/08/18, sired by H/TSR/CHEZ/FULL THROTTLE ET.

Bull Show Results

Champion Junior Bull Calf: Carter St. John with DCF 642 Z DILLY 002H (44140026), calved on 01/01/20, sired by BR DUNCAN 4142.

Champion Fall Bull Calf: Michelle and Mary Frances Smith with MC GOLDEN OUT TIME 1964 (44143014), calved on 10/01/19, sired by GOLDEN OAK OUTCROSS 18U.

Champion Intermediate Bull: Sarah Kate Childs with CMR CHILDS LAWMAN G30 ET (44087569), calved on 05/12/19, sired by /S MANDATE 66589 ET.

Champion Yearling Bull: Jeremy Tjardes with TJ 2296 BANDWAGON 903 (P44036684), calved on 02/07/19, sired by UPS SENSATION 2296 ET.

Champion Senior Bull: Carter St. John with DCF 628 PROMOTE 824F ET (43997995), calved on 10/19/18, sired by H FHF Advance 628 ET.


Get of Sire: Michelle & Mary Frances Smith, HF ADVANCE 628ET

Best 6 Head, Premier Breeder, and Premier Exhibitor:
Ethan Hopkins

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