2021 THA State Show Sponsorship and Entry Information

The 2021 THA State Show/AHA Regional Point Show and TJHA State Show will be held at the Wilson County Fairgrounds in Lebanon, TN. The Junior Show will be on Friday August 13, 2021 at 6:00 PM CST. The THA State Show/AHA Regional Point Show will be on Saturday, August 14, 2021 at 10:00 AM CST


  • Pre-Entry deadlines - submitted online by August 6, 2021 – Entry Fee $10.00

  • Late-Entry deadline - submitted on show day – Entry Fee $20.00

  • All entries are to be done through the Tennessee State Fair website.

2020 Tennessee Hereford Association State Show Results

Female Show Results

Champion Cow-Calf: Hayden Spears with WALKER DANCE 2504 E107 (43904884), calved on 10/02/17, sired by UPS SENSATION 2504 ET, and calf WLKR HDS CANCE 203D E102 002 (444124085) calved 01/02/20.

Champion Junior Heifer Calf: Ethan Hopkins with HPH 101D SHEGO 001H (44142270), calved on 01/01/20, sired by UPS SENSATION 2504 ET.

Champion Fall Heifer Calf: Ethan Hopkins with HPH 316A PROMISE 114G ET (44142268), calved on 12/22/19, sired by CRR 109 ON POINT 559 ET.

Champion Intermediate Heifer: Mason Collins with JDPL T/R TIMELESS G96 ET (44098627), calved on 05/27/19, sired by BR BELLE AIR 6011.

Champion Spring Yearling Heifer: Carter St. John with DCF 02X DENISE 905G ET (P44036243), calved on 03/02/19, sired by C DOUBLE YOUR MILES 6077 ET. 

Champion Junior Yearling Heifer: Ethan Hopkins with H KELLY 9160 ET (44017043), calved on 02/21/19, sired by H DEBERARD 7454 ET.

Champion Senior Heifer: Mary Carter Shirley with BROOKWOOD TAYLOR 941 (P43990752), calved on 11/08/18, sired by H/TSR/CHEZ/FULL THROTTLE ET.

Bull Show Results

Champion Junior Bull Calf: Carter St. John with DCF 642 Z DILLY 002H (44140026), calved on 01/01/20, sired by BR DUNCAN 4142.

Champion Fall Bull Calf: Michelle and Mary Frances Smith with MC GOLDEN OUT TIME 1964 (44143014), calved on 10/01/19, sired by GOLDEN OAK OUTCROSS 18U.

Champion Intermediate Bull: Sarah Kate Childs with CMR CHILDS LAWMAN G30 ET (44087569), calved on 05/12/19, sired by /S MANDATE 66589 ET.

Champion Yearling Bull: Jeremy Tjardes with TJ 2296 BANDWAGON 903 (P44036684), calved on 02/07/19, sired by UPS SENSATION 2296 ET.

Champion Senior Bull: Carter St. John with DCF 628 PROMOTE 824F ET (43997995), calved on 10/19/18, sired by H FHF Advance 628 ET.


Get of Sire: Michelle & Mary Frances Smith, HF ADVANCE 628ET

Best 6 Head, Premier Breeder, and Premier Exhibitor:
Ethan Hopkins