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Tennessee Hereford Marketing Program
Wednesday, April 24, 2024, Columbia Livestock Center in Columbia, TN

   Since its inception in 1999 the Tennessee Hereford Marketing Program serves as a model for states across the country for utilizing Hereford genetics in a niche feeder calf market.  The bi-annual sale (in April and November) hosted by Tennessee Livestock Producers in Columbia, provides southeast Hereford producers an opportunity to capitalize on assembling loads of healthy and feed lot ready animals at a premium. 

   This sale encourages a protocol of 45 day weaning, use of a non-generic wormer and an option of 2 vaccination programs that include one round of shots at weaning and another 14-28 days.  Data shows that steers that participate in this program receive a 20% premium over regular weekly auctions. 

THMP Health Protocol based on 45 Day Weaning

Option 1
1st Shot - Weaning                      2nd Shot- Post Weaning
Express 5 HS                              Express 5 HS
Presponse HM                            Alpha 7 or Alpha 7MB-1
*Approved Wormer

Option 2
1st Shot - Weaning                      2nd Shot- Post Weaning
Pyramid 5 + Presponse SQ        Pyramid 5 + Presponse SQ
Bar Vac 7 w/Somnus                  Bar Vac 7 w/Somnus    
*Approved Wormer                    

       *Long Range, Eprinex, Ivomec or Ivomec Plus
Record name of vaccine used, the lot number on bottle, and date administered to be turned in by sale day on TLP form. Contact Susan Parks (931-433-3962 or to request ear tags and forms.

Consignment Procedures for 2024 THMP Sale

  1. Fill out Health Records From as you give vaccines.

  2. Calves must be tagged on the farm with Hereford Tags.

  3. Correct tag placement is in the calf's left ear or opposite of farm tag.

    • Please not the same ear with another tag

  4. Deliver cattle on Tuesday afternoon prior to the sale, or before 10:00am on sale day

  5. To order tags, contact Susan Parks at 

Return all paperwork by April 12, 2024 to:

United Producers, INC

Attn: Susan Parks

PO Box 42

Fayetteville, TN 37334

or fax to - 931-433-4124

Consignment Deadline: April 15, 2024

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